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Default New Gas Tank!

Just felt like sharing. I purchased a new-to-me steel gas tank from Anthony in Montrose (via MUD). We did a parking lot cash for tank exchange last week as he was driving through Denver. He's a good guy, tank was as good or better than advertised. Had a tiny bit of surface rust that I hand sanded down to bare metal and rust oleumed.

Truck started right up, no leaks and no fumes

Seems to be a tiny bit of "weepage" around the drain bolt. I wouldn't even call it a leak, just looks kind of damp around the bolt. I put a new copper crush washer on, do I just need to be stronger? Kind of paranoid about stripping that bolt and creating a bigger problem.

So today will be the real test, I'll fill it and drive around for an hour or so after I finish tightening all the bolts. If all goes according to plan, I'll be commutting in the 40 for awhile, it's been sitting far too long.

Anybody wants a good deal on a lightly used poly tank, let me know. Has a good sending unit, keeps most of the gas inside the tank most of the time.

That is all.
1996 4Runner
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