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Thanks for all your help Romer. I am finally getting there. I just have to make up 4 new battery cables to run to the switch and to the ground. Then I need to install a ground terminal block and I should be good to go to wire up my accessories... LED lights, water pump, 12v outlets, and RTT lights. Should be wrapped up by the end of the weekend.

Here is where it sits now.

I have shore power coming in on the drivers side, it pumps power to the 2 bank charger (5amps more of a trickle than anything), that goes to each battery, batteries are grounded and the hot wires are run to the battery isolator switch 1,2, OFF or BOTH, accessory power runs to the switch/fuse panel and my accessories come off of the fuse panel inside to the part needing power.

I still need to build the cables for the batteries and install a 12v digital meter that lets me know where the charge of each battery is at. I am going to install that on the top of the switch/fuse box on the left.

Mucho gracias Romer for helping me on this one. :Thumb:

After this its time to finish up the plumbing and start the kitchen.
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