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Default CDL Engaging Intermittently - 1993 FZJ80

Need to fix my intermittently engaging CDL by Friday.

Center differential lock not reliably engaging. Pin-7 modded 12+ years ago, Toyota CDL switch.

Been happening for a while (at CM 13 for example) but I always forget to investigate after trips. Im pretty sure the actuator is fine. In my garage the other night I heard it engage and disengage when truck in on position with engine off. Switch is illuminated so its getting power to that illumination circuit. I have a spare CDL switch and swapping that in made no difference. 10A Gauge fuse has been replaced. 30A Diff Lock fuse also replaced. Both tested fine but I replaced with new Buss fuses to be sure.

I plan to unplug harness at actuator and have someone cycle the switch while I test voltage. I plan to apply +12v with a wire to the proper actuator pin. (I dont have electrical FSM - anyone have pin-outs for switch and actuator?)

I know there is a CDL ECU to investigate too.

Thanks for any suggestions
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