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I need a ride sometime in your 80. (FJBen)

I like everything I've read about the FOR except going real light. Like most I want an ARB front and Slee rear bumper or similar. Sliders, Drawer system, etc.. I don't plan to pack her real heavy, no roof rack. I'd pull a trailer before I put anything on the roof. So I think I'm kind of in the middle on weight. Full armor but not excessively loaded with stuff. Its just my wife and the dogs right now.

This will be my DD but not really every day as I have a company car. So it will see weekend wheeling, camping and the occasional grocery run into town. I want it to ride well on the highway etc...

I want to be able to wheel it pretty hard but my 40 will be for the high risk stuff if you know what I mean.

I'd like to see the FOR on a rig with armor. I guess I'll have to wait a while as its new. But I have time.
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