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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
If you don't mind a little wrenching and provided the alley recycle crew has not already grabbed it, I know where you are welcome to get the flywheel, bell housing, clutch plate and related paraphanelia from a 1F block. For that matter, Timmbuck2, Subzali, Rzeppa or TheBoomBoom could also get you to the alley. The block is behind the baby blue one and just to the left of the red on in this picture.
I don't mind wrenching at all. It seems to be what I spend most of my free time doing these days -- aside from cleaning and painting parts. I'm hoping to have my cruiser running again some time in April. It has been a year and a half long project and I'm really anxious to join the club.

Is that the infamous alley in Louisville?
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