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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
It's so tightly fitted, I've been wondering if you'll be able to paint/weld it once it's all done.
Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
fixed it for you
Crap, never thought about having to fully weld all the joints! Whatever will we do?

Honestly though, I can't give away all my fabrication secrets. If I did there wouldn't be a need for me or my business anymore.

J/K If you believe that load of crap, I got some great land to sell ya But I do firmly believe that being able to easily answer questions like this is one of the many reasons me and my business have been able to stay as busy as we do.

As for welding the cage fully, if I didn't, it wouldn't be a proper or even close to safe, cage. Never, and I mean never, think it is ok to skip welding any part of any joint when it comes to structural cages.

The tube work will be welded in certain areas, then disassembled into various larger pieces (rear spreaders, then B pillar, the A pillar complete with cross bars and center spreader, the floor bars will be the last pieces out), then the welding of the unreachable areas will take place. The different pieces will be coated in primer, then paint (except for the areas that will be effected by any welding still needed), then reinstalled, finished welded, and finished painted. The cage will not be able to be removed from the vehicle once it is fully welded, without cutting something apart.

Hope that this answers your questions.
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