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Originally Posted by chaos View Post
Would you say this is ok for a novice driver and someone new to the sport? I don't even have OBA or any recovery gear. I am just starting Would that be a problem?
Absolutely. Decent tires and a maintained vehicle are a good idea and grab a shovel if you have one. A CB or HAM radio would be nice so you can communicate with everyone too. There will be plenty of air, straps and recovery gear, so just come with the idea of having a great time. If something makes you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to speak up and someone will be glad to help. Rising Sun leaves no one behind, ever.

These trails are by no means hardcore and there are lines that a stock vehicle can do. There is a possibility of whacking your bumper on Hackett Rock.

With the sun and warmth today, everything should be good and muddy. Shaping up to be a great run!

PM me if you have any concerns.
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