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Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post
Seems like a decent price for the 8900. is this too much radio for a newbie with just Tech?
John hit the high points, so I'll add a couple of things.

I think the FT-8900 is a bit of an enigma. Being FM-only for TX is somewhat limiting, having SSB would I think make it much more flexible. The antenna selection is a problem for OHV use, there is just nothing available in an all-in-one option that is gonna last on our trucks. Like John mentions, a duplexer and two antennas is an option or running an NMO mount would make swapping easier. There are a couple 6/2/70 choices and then you can just add a trimmed CB antenna for 10m.

OTOH, the FT-8900 is in most ways otherwise the same as the FT-8800, which is a great radio. Having the option of 6m and 10m is neat and extra options are good. This is normally about a $450+ radio and at this price it's less than the FT-8800 and almost down to a new FT-7900 price. So from that aspect you are getting a lot more radio for your money and even if you never use the features and just run a 2m/70cm antenna on it all the time, you haven't lost anything.

Truth is (I think) most people will never use 10m and 6m FM, though with the solar cycle rising it would be fun (I think) to test propagation and suddenly get into a 10m or 6m repeater in SoCal or Texas...
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