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Default Slaughterhouse Rescue Run

2003 Lexus LX470 rescued from Slaughterhouse Gulch tonight with no issues.

I hadn't anticipated pulling the front wheels, but when we got there and saw he was running spacers, the wheels had to come off. Pulled the c-clip, nuts, washers, drive flange and taped everything up as best we could. Locked the CDL, pulled the driveshaft and he was rolling. Took about an hour from start to finish. Myself, MountainGoat (plus little MountainGoat) and Big Country. Everyone pitched in and made it a fast, safe and smooth operation.

We got rained on a little, but that didn't stop us. It actually made the trail a little more fun after the work was finished. We ran up and down the hill a few times and then headed for Hog Heaven BBQ.

It was nice to help out a fellow Land Cruiser owner and show him what Rising Sun and TLCA are all about. Hopefully he'll take my advice and go see Christo to get all fixed up. I was disappointed to see all the trash on the trail though. The Rising Sun Trasharoo was almost full and I know Dan grabbed some too.
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