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Every company has a house brand. Reider Racing is out of business, their house brand was Precision. Some sets are still available. Yukon is a house brand from Randy's. Nitro gear is the house brand sourced and distributed by - Carl is one of the main guys and also a Toyota guy. They are probably the most knowledgeable on Toyota gears and install kits currently. They are also the people that do specific gears like FJ fronts etc.

In the end there are only that many manufacturers that distributors and "gear houses" source from. They do private labeling to get an edge over the competition. All of them seem to sell a "Value" brand that is probably parts that are not 100% up to QC inspections, then they sell the "Premium" brands that are better (probably only passed QC with better specs). We have had good luck and bad with all of them. At some point Precision was the best for us, but we also had some issues. For some ratio's like 5.29's there are not much choices.
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