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A whole different tack... I love service manuals because as we all know, the earn as you learn plan can get expensive and the parts you just broke may be made of unobtainium.

Here are some EXCELLENT, OUTSTANDING user/service manuals I've come across lately in my education!!!

-For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women . Written by a man, to men, in collaboration with his wife. Fiancee concurs he gets it. He has a way of unraveling the spaghetti GPS tracks in a woman's inner life that makes a whole lot of sense to men. And how we get ourselves in a world of hurt trying to do what we think is the common sense right thing. Demystifying and very helpful.

-For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men . The inverse of the above, written by a woman, to women, in collaboration with her husband. I concur SHE gets it! VERY interesting to read a woman's perspective on men that is the polar opposite from slamming. You'll be really glad she read it.

These two books make an excellent study for a couple. I'd recommend setting aside an evening a week to work through them. You're gonna unearth some really interesting dynamics that all of a sudden make perfect sense. Pretty fun too.

-First Comes Love, Then Comes Money. (Apparently there are a bunch of books with the same title, but this one is the one you want.) Written by a couple of financial planners who are pretty transparent about their own struggles communicating about money. No blaming, just understanding how we get in such tangles about it. It really unwinds any conflict, tension, defensiveness, etc. and stuff starts making sense.

And isn't that really what you want from a good service manual?
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