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Originally Posted by RedCreeper View Post
Um er OK.....

This is why I avoid PCs. (Piece o Crap) Love my MAC network. Not as complicated. So just yanker er out...... Stop with the details... YANK!!! When all else fales.... REBOOT!!
You have to "Safely Remove" on a Mac too. Here is a link discussing it: or this:

There are many more threads on it and it makes sense.

If you are WRITING to a media, the computer has to know when you are done writing. If you force the media to close the device incessantly, which is the only way this could make it safe to just yank it at any time, it would be a drain on the system. Now, most PCs, even fancy PCs like Macs, do close out a filehandle after a write but that isn't guaranteed. Even on a Mac.

It doesn't make it a POS, it is understanding how the system works.
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