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I had the same scenario with my 2F = the valves & piston were OK but I had 0 compression on number 5 cylinder. It was a bad head gasket. Look at the land area between #5 and #6 to see if there is any different coloration that the rest of the area.

If you're pretty sure the pistons are OK I would just send the head out to get it checked & rebuilt. Keep in mind the valves may look OK but you could have a cracked valve seat or even a cracked head which you can't always see easily. Be sure and check the deck of the block to make sure it isnt warped using a long straight edge.

Use a good quality head gasket when you put it back together. Make sure everything is spotless clean on both mating surfaces. You don't have to use any type of gasket sealer. If you do have some minor scratches on the surface you can use a little spray copper coat.

Let us know how it turns out.
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