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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Of course they bent over backwards to make you happy, they were caught redhanded receiving stolen property. I understand scrap being competitive but IMO there is a special place in hell for those who facilitate stuff like that. There is no excuse for it. They know that a lot of the vehicles they scrap are stolen and that's why they don't let them sit around. It also irks me that I bet the cops know what goes on but they do nothing about it. There aren't that many places that scrap cars.
I agree completely. The debate gets social & political from here.

It's the system. If police wanted to catch thieves, they could. I bet if I took my smart phone up and down the rows of cars at the pull yourself lots running VIN's, I could find stolen cars. Why couldn't a beat cop do that? Receiving stolen property is as bad as stealing, and it happened. How come the police aren't doing anything? I can't stop this myself.

Ownership is an illusion. All power flows from the end of a gun. The guy with the biggest gun owns everything because he could take anything. One only owns what he has the ability, and will to defend. As people, we have more power when we cooperate. We should be running VIN's when we see suspicious activity, or when buying parts from shady characters. Protect yourself, the ones you love, and each other, we cant expect to be protected by big brother in everything.
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