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I'll touch some nerves here I'm sure... It's easy to blame cops, teachers, firemen, or any other public servant. The fact of the matter is that any "public service" job IS short staffed, under paid, and always asked to do more with less. People need to raise their kids right & be involved in their lives. Those that haven't reproduced ought to think about mentoring those that are less fortunate or have POS parents. Society & Politicians need to stop pointing fingers & accept some responsibility.... Don't get me started on video games. Thought I'd chime in on the turn that this thread is taking.

On a lighter note, I'm really glad that you got your RIG back Mike. I hope the that you get HER back to tip top shape & that SHE stays with you for a long, long time. I too think that the scrap yard got off too easy & that you should have your truck back to the way it was prior to the theft.
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