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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Hmmm....Wonder if Brady is still looking for a HT for the Tundra?

What's the scoop Dave on the FT 3000? Is it a fairly durable radio for use in less than ideal conditions, i.e. a 40?
Yeah, I dunno much about the FT-3000 other than what I found on the web. Looks like it would be a fine radio, roughly positioned between the current FT-7900 and FT-8800 in capability with the exception of available memories. It is probably 10 year old or so. I was thinking about contacting the fella. BTW, I don't think it does a separated face, though. It's wide band RX, 2m TX, 70W. Looks like a nice display and I think it does dual RX.
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