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Wish I could understand everything you wrote. I will at some point, but not yet.
What I have taken from it is that the grounding on my car is good for DC but not good enough for RF.

So my first step is to improve grounding for RF. Would love to have you comments:

Tin copper strap 1" by .062 from here:
and here:

If understood you correctly:
1. I will add strap the negative of both batteries in parallel to the DC wire to fender, engine block.

2. strap the front and rear bumper to the chassis.
3. Strap the swing arm to the bumper.
4. Strap the transmission to the chassis (may be overkill)

I know I have a good DC grounding. But this will also give me a good RF grounding. Correct?

Can I use the bolts and that hold the bumpers to the chassis?
or do I need to drill holes specifically to the strap?

Looking forward to your comments

96 LX450
Albany, NY
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