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Thanks Steve for posting the max tire size. I called Centerline to see what was up with this. And the explaination was that the bead locking thickness is based on a 35 inch tire(but I could not get a thickness or what tire company this was based on). Any how I think this to be a bit ambigous. So they made a specific size of tire as the max size for warranty purposes. Now you could mount a tire that was bigger as the rim can support this, but the bead lock area could be stress because the bead is thicker. This could also be the case if you have a bead protector on the 35 inch tire and it is lower than the bead lock as well. There is not plans currently on make the bead lock area a bit thicker to take a 37 or bigger tire. I was thinking of mounting a 36-37 inch tire on this rim. I guess I will look at bead thickness and measure the thickness of the rim as well.
Or look at the hutchenson Rim. I did look at the web site and it really does not show that much info on the rim, if it is DOT approved or not and the sizes of the rims and such. They do look Beefy. Tree do you have any specs on the rims you could share?
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