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The next day we headed south another couple miles and took Ophir Pass to get to Silverton. The turn off for the pass is really easy to miss and the town itself is really small. The Pass offered some nice views as well as some more of the furry creatures that feel the need to eat in the middle of the trail. We passed straight through Silverton and headed towards Cinammon pass. We couldn't find any good campgrounds in the town and ended up camping a little bit North of Cinammon Pass. Both of the passes offered no trouble at all and we found ourselves camping in Lake City the following day. Lake City had a couple campgrounds but all were very crowded with minimal water access. On the last day of our trip we headed North of Gunnison to Taylor Reservoir. Although we didn't get the chance, there were lots of wonderful campgrounds all along the river and the reservoir is said to have wonderful fishing. Overall it was a great trip. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures.
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