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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
After getting the lights working, I found that the intermittently they worked too good as the brake lights would remain on after I took my foot off the brake pedal. Turns out this issue was caused by the brake light switch not opening to break the circuit because the brake pedal did not consistently "pull up" to open the brake light switch.

Some research on the net and I learned there is a spring between the steering column and the brake pedal that provides additional "pull up" when my foot is taken off the brake pedal. I had been wondering what the spring hanging unattached on my steering column was for and now I know. My spring was not attached to the brake pedal, after hooking it up, my brake pedal goes all the way up and the brake switch opens - which results in the brake lights turning off.
Alright, now I know what's causing my problem, too. Got a picture of where those springs should attach?
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