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Hi Guys, yes, that is me, that gigantic... picture... staring... creepily...
I am real, my site is new. As you can obviously see from my corp reg I just registered Jan 27th. I am building my site by hand, so somethings will and somethings won't work its still underdevelopment! I add a few more things every day to the website. No I'm not some guy out to scam all the Toyota owners in Colorado. To answer your questions, yes I am in the Boulder area (I live in the eastern suburbs), and I do actually exist (you can even skype me to verify!) I am just an online-based parts shop, I specialize in Land Cruisers and Subaru WRX/STi's. If you want you can call me on the phone, or email me what-so-have-you.

Mr Markofsky, I don't mean to offend you when I say that I believe I am the finest retailer of Land Cruiser Parts. If I said "newest" it would suggest that either A: I have no idea what I am doing, or B: that I am a cheap-bargain-basement store. I am not. I am sorry that you are offended by the idea of me being so fine, but quite frankly... I am pretty good looking ;-). I'm just messing around. I say "finest" because "finest" is a qualifier that describes my customer-service, not my parts selection. As I state on the home page, my business is all about customer-service. Just like Ritz-Carlton hotels are the "finest" because of their customer-service, and the quality of their rooms.
Anyways, I look forward to getting to know you two better in the years to come, and hope any misunderstandings can be overlooked and we can all someday become good friends!
Thank you for giving me the time to explain myself,
Ryan Callahan
I have a love/borderline obsession with 60-Series Cruisers. I also sell parts and do installs for off-road and on-road racing.

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