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The starter relay is not driven from the ECU, at least in my truck. The key-relay-solenoid-motor system runs independent of the ECU, although there is a path back to the ECU so that when you turn the key to 'start' you engage the cold start injector. Technically whenever the starter relay is energized the cold start timer relay is kicked.

My memory is that the wire to the starter solenoid is a single wire that comes from a connection in the harness under the hood. I /believe/ it's a wire that comes out of a bundle and IIRC it's a huge bundle. What I don't remember is if that huge bundle is the one that comes through the firewall (there is a weird harness flow from the key into the engine bay to relay that then goes back inside the cab, which I think is due to ECU's cold start path) or if maybe it sits on the right fender near the main fuse box (where the starter relay sits).

The white plug in your second photo is the one that my gut thought was the one. I do remember that it's got a pretty sketchy retaining lip or prong because it's easy to break. When that happens the connector doesn't stay put anymore and vibrates out. I remember helping a friend with a failed starter and needing to crimp on a new connector that stayed in place with friction instead of the retaining prong. The starter relay, motor and solenoid turned out to be fine in that case, just the plastic connector had failed.

Looking at the second photo more, if that was it coming out of the harness down there, it could make sense being close to the PAIR resonator (the big plastic balloon) because that's close to the main fuse box.

I'll take a look tonight when I get home and let you know, if you still need it.
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