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No obstructions on the heater core; clean as a whistle. So maybe I have an obstruction inside the core or somehow I'm not getting a regular flow of coolant to the core.

I went out at lunch and started putting on a second o-ring on top of the t-stat. When I put the t-stat housing back on it was spaced off the other half by about the thickness of the extra o-ring I had put on and I quickly realized that Toyota engineered this system to work in a particular way and that this is not my problem; if I were to try it I would not be able to seal the t-stat housing properly. So I quickly tucked tail and ran and am thinking about the other options.

The only thing I can really figure is that I have had two t-stats that are sticking open; only thing is it doesn't seem like they're open when I've pulled them out and looked at them.

Without cardboard, my radiator is warm but not really as hot as it should be. With cardboard I was able to get it up to normal operating temperature so that I could only touch it for a brief moment.

Here's another question though - with the laser thermometer most of my radiator was dead cold (like 50-80 degrees) while the driver's side was like 120-150 degrees, and it sloped really fast. So it's like most or all of my coolant is only going through one side of the radiator, but I would think that if that were the case I would have an overheating problem, not an overcooling problem...

A guy at work told me today too that most t-stats stick closed if they stick at all; in my experience that has not been the case but it's just another point of discussion I guess.

Sigh. How often does one come across the problem of TOO MUCH cooling with the factory system?

And how come only a couple people have responded to this thread? Are y'all laughing at me for making this too hard? Or did I finally annoy you enough so that everyone's ignoring me? Is the answer obvious but I'm just missing it? Or is it really a problem nobody really has any comment on?
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