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Originally Posted by Shotshell View Post
there should be massive resources on standby, ready to execute an aggressive response in the first critical hours after the first reports.
Remember that the USFS alone manages 293 million acres and last year 9.1 million of those were burned in wildfires. We're talking about a dozen or more very large states and wildfires are not even limited to just the west, they happen all over the country. Resources are prioritized since it costs a ton just to have the plane sitting on the tarmac regardless if its used. So the ones they do have are run around the clock and they augment where they can. There is a practical limit to what we can afford to do and since most people don't live in high risk locations how much should we spend on equipment when one day responses might limit damage for 99.9999% of people? Should we spend as much as it takes to limit wildfires to zero structures lost? Do people who live in high risk places have to assume a disproportionate amount of the cost for such a level? I dunno, obviously it would be nice to have every rural and semi-urban forest fire department have access to a slurry bombers, but that is not gonna happen. As these fires encroach more and more on major towns, I mean the Springs has been <this> close to the town itself being overrun last year and now again, maybe the available equipment is inadequate. :-/
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