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Yeah, sure, it's not as reliable as a 22R-E. So it's only a 200K engine between service intervals. To be fair once Toyota figured out the headgasket situation there's not really anything else wrong with them. The 3.4L in the Taco and 4Runner is the same family, so the bottom end is fine. Do headgaskets and a head refresh once in a while and you're good.

The other points, true. It's got the same power as the 2.7L 4 cylinder in later trucks. But there is more than a 22R-E, which is a low bar to jump. Neither gets great mileage but the 3.0L would be considered lousy (but still better than my 4.0L Tacoma, really).

I wouldn't be too concerned about a 3.0L with 235K but I would just plan on doing HGs sooner rather than later, if they haven't been done recently. The ease of swapping in a 3.4L is nice but for a DD beater I'm not sure it's necessary. If you're taking it up to the Tunnels a lot, then yes, do the swap.

God, I wish I had a diesel in my truck.
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