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Justin tells me Burt is going to the same system. Of course, in the long run this takes care of itself, as the non-lead techs will quit, or starve, then ... the only one left will be a burned out lead. In the short run though, if they do not build in financial incentives, I gotta tell ya that lead techs are unlikely to grow a management vision lobe if management hasn't.

Seems these managers go to the same management seminar. Given that the only link is Toyota/Lexus... seems like it might be coming from the top. And I only thought that kind of madness happened in the software industry. Makes me wonder just what the service writers/ 'assistant service managers' are doing for a living. Seems like THEY would be the logical ones to assign the work, especially since they do not have a conflict of interest like the lead techs. But it is also probably a management response to the fact that most service writers are non-technical and have little interest in growing a technical lobe.

The real solution is hiring technically oriented service writers who also know how to sell to customers and handle the customer interface ethically and courteously.

From a business systems analyst perspective, this is a system that has the seeds of its own demise. It is unsustainable. This will die, but probably a slow death, as automotive management tends to be 10-15 years behind the times when it comes to business systems analysis.

I keep thinking I'd like to be a service writer in my next life, but this gives me pause. Maybe I should be a consultant....... HA!
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