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Originally Posted by waggoner5 View Post
I like Steves system of true duals, but would probably not go to that extreme on a TBI. You can get a great sound with a single exhaust as well as much easier maintenance. I use standard 2" down pipes off of the manifolds into a 3" single exhaust system. I presently have a 50 series Flowmaster midship and a Magnaflow shorty at the rear. This gives me the sound I was looking for, but in a quiet way. I know its 2 mufflers, but I could not find 1 that gave me the sound I wanted.

I have used the 70 series RV muffler on a few V-8's and they are quiet and have a nice rumble. That's what's on the 60 right now for those that have heard it.. it also has two cats which quiet things down some too though.

It is 2 2 1/2" ins and a single 3" out.

I agree with Gary, I think 2 2" pipes from headers to the mufflers is plenty though, and with no cats the 70 series sounds nice.. it's just big.
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