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Originally Posted by PhatFJ View Post
In conclusion, I am thinking that this conversion could run somewhere around $2500.00 with me doing all my own fabrication and setup, I would double my gas mileage and the motor will last a very long time. At the price of fuel these days I think this may be a good way to go. Any thoughts?
The factor aside, how long would it take you to recoup the investment based on the gas savings?

I don't DD my 40...Actually I rarely drive my 40 - Is the 40 your DD?

I guess what I'm saying is basing the decision on the fact that you will get better gas mileage might not be the best business case

If you get 10 mpg now and bump that up to 20 mpg with the conversion, and using $4/gal as the average for fuel...At 10 mpg a mile costs you $.40 vs. $.20 with a diesel. My math is probably wrong but break even doesn't come until 12,500 miles. Of course if gas stays lower than $4/gal it will take longer to pay off the cost of the conversion - @ $3.50/gal the payoff comes after about 14,300 miles...Then again if gas goes up to $5/gal the payoff comes at 10K miles. I know I'm not taking into account the price difference of gas vs. diesel so that would play in there a bit.

Now if the 5.7L V8 dies and you need to replace the engine anyway
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