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Originally Posted by bigcity25 View Post
Wishing I had the cash like the rest of you cruisers to do what ever I want to my rig. But I don't, and my banker (wife) ropes me back to earth. But I have decided to upgrade my setup to a 4 speed. Love the 3 speed but want to make it a little more user friendly and drivable in the mountains. Now my 40 is my DD and I don't do alot of wheeling. It sounds like a 4speed tcase and transmission combo is better suited for me. I have acquired a 4 speed transmission and another 3 speed tcase with the correct spline gear to mate them up, 4 speed bell housing and flywheel. I know I still need drive shafts, slave cylinder, shims? and a bearing?. Is it gonna make my life easier to get a 4 speed t-case and remove all the 3 speed vacuum stuff? I have been talking with Ricardo about his experience and what he did. This is going to be a spring project so I have some time to invest in learning and research. What's you experiences and opinions?
I learned a lot that I had never read about on any forums when I swapped an H42 4 speed into my 71. I retained the 3 speed clutch and bellhousing because I like the heavier flywheel, and I didn't need to change the routing of the clutch lines. The slaves are the same, the only reason you might need a new slave is if there is something wrong with your old one. I kept my vacuum actuated front drive in the t-case - I have always liked it. I don't know what year yours is, whether you have vacuum or linkage. There are no shims needed for the swap. I had to fabricate a couple of spacers for the t-case - one for where the 3 speed PTO gear went and one for the back of the tranny output shaft. You will also need 4 speed bolts to hold the t-case onto the tranny. I have a lot of pictures and a write on mine somewhere here, I did mine in the summer of 2006.
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