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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
The dual band FT8800 that I picked up about a month ago is pretty . Glad I went with the dual band. It's nice being able to monitor 146.460 and whatever repeater is nearby at the same time. It's a nice compact unit as well. My only complaint is that the speaker isn't loud enough for an FJ40 on the highway.
In my early Bronco I fed my FT-90 (and FT-2400, FT8900) output into the aux input on my Alpine stereo. I set the EQ for the aux. input for good voice reproduction. Sounded good and it was plenty loud on the highway. In my minitruck the FT-90 feeds a passive aux speaker from Radio Shack plenty loud, even over the gear whine. Score one foe the minitruck!
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