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Originally Posted by Skidoo View Post
After your statement about sewing up a tire, I searched and found some videos showing it being done. So taking videos with a grain of salt, I would like to know what you have in your tire kit in addition to a plug kit. For two reasons, I am a tech inspector and second would like to upgrade my tire kit. The video showed using heavy thread, but did not show how they punched holes to run thread through, assuming an awl. Then they put a big honking patch on inside of tire.
I have seen that video, it's demonstrated on a piece of a tire, and more complicated than necessary. My repair kit includes high quality plug tools, with large t-handles, one of which is an awl/reamer that can be used to create the holes for lacing up the cut. The better and quicker way to get off the trail is to use aircraft safety wire to feed through the holes and twist tie across the cut, and insert as many plugs into the cut as necessary to stop or severely limit the loss of air. I also carry a full CO2 PowerTank, rather than a slow compressor.
I do carry a selection of patches, in addition to a couple dozen plugs, just in case.
The other advantage I have, is that I run bias ply tires, which are typically much more durable than their radial counterparts, but the only sidewall that I have ever had to repair on the trail was a radial Super Swamper SSR.
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