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Originally Posted by White Stripe View Post
Bringing this back from the dead if that's OK. Im doing extensive body work to my truck this spring, and I'm not sure I'll have the spare tire carrier finished by Cm. I will have a spare at camp for sure. But I read through the thread that I would need a tire repair kit if not carrying a spare on the trail. Is that the consensus? What about bringing a inner tube?

That would work but it's probably not that quick. Depending on which trail you're on there could be 19 other vehicles in the group. The Gunner will be by your side throughout the repair without question & possibly the entire group. My $.02 recommendation would be to throw a few plugs in and continue on. 15-20+ plugs...might be grounds for turning around and putting a tube in back at camp or replacing the tire in town.

IIRC, I grabbed a super sized plug kit and a few valve stems from O'reilly's for pennies.

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