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about 5 years ago, right after I moved to Louisville and still lived in the dutch creek neighborhood, I took a project to remove a gigantic cottonwood tree for a young couple. instead of hitting them up for thousands of bucks like a commercial outfit, I did it for free firewood, beer and good karma.

I'd never been over to that part of town yet, but in doing so i spotted wild rice for the first time and thought it was so rad that i drove my wife past it later that week. we both got the biggest laugh out of the "if you can read this please help flip me over" sticker and decided after seeing it that adding some sort of 4x4 to our personal toybox would be a good idea.

when we started house shopping and found this one, we figured any family with a 40 on 40's in the driveway would make pretty darn good neighbors and i'd say we were right on that!

it makes me smile every time i see it, especially when its all dirty and sitting on the trailer after some good fun!
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