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Default Timing Cover

I'm halfway through disassembly on a laundry list of projects on my '77 FJ40 and have a couple of questions/want to bounce ideas of people who have done this before!

Here is what I'm doing:
Timing Cover Gasket
Front Seal
Coolant System flush

I pulled it all apart to where my next step is opening up the timing cover (that harmonic balancer nut is a PAIN!). I had a pretty good oil leak and things are pretty oily.
Question: Should I use some type of engine cleaner/degreaser before I open things up? Can I use carb or break cleaner inside this area after it's open?

My next step will then be to put it all together and hope it doesn't leak anymore. I'm not doing the plate Gasket.
Question: Is it a mistake not to do the plate gasket when I have it torn down this far? I can't say for sure if it's leaking or not, it was too messy to tell where the leak was coming from.

Question: I got some Toyota FIPG, should I coat the cork gasket with this or only the lower two bolts? Or get something else completely for both tasks?

Everything else I think I can stumble through. This is by far the biggest wrenching job I've ever done. I have the Haynes manual but I'm definitely a single mechanic.

PS, if anyone has the hose from the smog pump to air cleaner, I'm in need! Thanks!
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