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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
You are being way to hard on yourself about breaking! Often the difference between a great line and a bad one is only a few inches over! The more you wheel the better you will be at looking like a hero by the lines you take! Can't teach that stuff on a computer or in a book! Takes time, patience and broken parts!
Kevin is right, a few inches here or there. The weight of your rig or the height. When Kevin and some of us ran Cliffhanger last year I changed the pressure in my tires 4 times till I got it right. What a difference, just two pounds and I made it up some ledges.

You have to look at the ratings as a guide, they aren't written in stone as said before. What your rig climbs without a problem mine may have problems with. Wheelbase can change a rating from 3 to 4 or visa versa, as can tires. You may pucker when stuck on a side hill while Kevin and I will climb before we descend. We all have our pucker factors, you just need to identify yours and apply them to the trail you plan to run. We could be driving the same rig up the same trail and the outcome could be totally different due to the line we pick or how we apply the throttle or brake.

Use the ratings as a guide and ask as many questions as you can, then decide if the trail is for you or not.
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keys = Man that is a whole story

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