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Default RS DXpedition

Wow what a great day. I should be illegal to have this much fun with your pants on. Nathaniel and I got an Oh-my-gosh-it's-early start, made it to the top of Mt. Bross in time to get setup and be on the air by 09:11 (local). Nathaniel started by trying to contact Mt. Sun Flower in KS, I don't know if he made it. Things started out fast and furious and running 3 rigs between the 2 of us, plus another op who joined us on the summit, there was a lot of confusion at first.

Nathaniel move down to high freq. and right off the bat started making nationwide contacts. Seemed like every one in the country, that could hear him wanted to get a chance to talk to a station at 14,000 ft.

I was able to make several contacts on VHF with other ops on 14ers, the collegiate peaks mostly.

Overheard one conversation where 2 ops figured out their miles per watt of output power. Turned out to be 28,000 MILES PER WATT, try that with your CB, HiHi

Didn't get many pic, but here's our set up (and like Nathaniel has always said, it all about the antenna )
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