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Default RS DX-pedition to Mt. Bross @ 14172' above sea level.

Brian is right, no matter what you did in the high country yesterday, it was a beautiful day to do it. We made the summit by 8:20 am and got the HF beam set up by 9. Got on the air and it was a frenzy of contacts being made, from Mt Sunflower in KS to as close as Mt Antero and Mt Sherman. Then we got the HF running, and we were talking to people from Missouri to Georgia to Texas. Even made contact with someone just outside of New Orleans whose elevation was actually 15' below sea level, making our elevation that much more. It was cool being on that side of a "pile-up". Spoke with Nakman on the Colordao Connection repeaters. Tim, did you contact anyone on a peak via simplex? Never managed to get the RedCone run guys on the air. We probably were packing up by the time they got to the top of RedCone.

All in all it was a sweet day to operate on the top of a 14er.
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