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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
What kit did you use and what housings do you have? Where did you mount the bulb driver, that's pretty big, right? Or does the whole thing just mount to the back of the housing? I don't have a ton of room on the back side of the housings because of the battery on one side and the intake on the other, so I would have to remotely mount the bulb drivers.

I'm running Hella housings that take H4 bulbs and have wanted to see if the low beam aim really does work with HID conversions. I have to imagine the high beam aim would be useless with HID, though, since the aim is based on the filament location of the H4 bulb and HID bulbs don't have filaments (more of a blob of light at the focal point). Or do the kits include a way to make the bulb move in and out for high beam?
As of now, my HID Kit is in my First Gen 4Runner, I used Hella H4 Conversion Bulbs, (Square ones for the runner), Im Very impressed with the Quality, and Light Pattern, The HID kit is From Colorado HID's, Hi/Low Kit (The Bulb Literally Moves in and Out). He is Local, and has ok prices, They offer a "Slim" Ballast Kit, and 55 or 35W kits.. But the Thick Ballasts are not that big, maybe 4"x3.5"x1.5" or so.. easy to mount on the Fender Apron.. Took me an hour to do a nice Install.. The only issue is i Lost my Blue light on the Dash that tells me my brights are on

my plan is to install them in the 40, so i need to order some Round Hella's for it.. Ive got other stuff to focus on Before moab, so i dont think i will have time! The Light Output on these are AMAZING.. You cant Relay Compare it.. Its like an old Dieing Flashlight, Vs The Sun.. (Almost )

Total Cost will be about $250 Vs the $600 of the LED's..

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