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Old 09-21-2005, 06:35 PM
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Are your 33's terrible in the snow because they're too wide, or because the treads aren't any good? I suspect someone will tell you soon that if you sipe BFG Mud's they grip better. IMO, on a 40 it's better to go with a narrower tire, since those cute little 40's don't weigh very much the tires go deeper into the snow and grab better. I really like the 33 9.50's, which would give you a similar setup to what Ken Romer has, that's what I'd run if I had a 40..

And afaik you could still run 35's and not be sprung over, Scott Brown did that with some sort of revolver shackles, and a shackle reversal on his yellow 40. Not sure what springs he had but I could ask next time I see him if it's important. Just don't get Pinnacles, right Ige?
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Old 09-21-2005, 07:05 PM
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Default Tire are in great shape

tires are in very good condition, maybe 3k on them. 33x10.5 I'm not planning on 9.5. too skinny for me. I'd buy 35's before another set of 33's. I'm waiting to do gears before going up a size. Siping them is a good idea and I will look into that. I struggle with the balance of on/off road performance. Then I remind myself that my 40 is never going to be great on the hwy. This thing is a slow piece of junk, but I love my junk almost as much as I love the sound of metal on rock. I can't wait to go smash it on something.
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Old 09-21-2005, 11:58 PM
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Well, if you plan to go to 35s anyway you may as well SOA on stock springs. Softer ride than any 4" I've ever driven/ridden in. I run stock shackles in my front, hit a rock from time to time, but hit rocks on lots of other places too. I am sure that even if I had a S/R with custom hangers tucked nicely up out of the way I'd still hit them now and then, kinda goes with the territory.

I've been really pleased with siped BFG mudders in both deep fresh snow and hard, icy snowpacked roads, have run 31x10.5, 33x10.5 and 35x12.5 on various cruisers. Unlike other people, I don't think they are noticably noisier than A/Ts, which I've also run. They last about as long, and do surprisingly well on-road. Siping makes a huge difference in mudders, on wet pavement, on ice, in snow and on dry pavement too.

I have seen swampers do really well in the snow too, but they wear out really fast on pavement, and are tougher to balance than BFG or Goodyear mudders.

I also used to run Firestone town and country snow tires in 235 size for a lot of years, one of the best snow tires I've ever used. They stopped making them about 5 years ago, and 235 was the largest size they made them in.

Short of tracks like a snow cat, nothing beats chains though.

I've driven nothing but Land Cruisers, primarily 40s, for the last 23 years, so obviously my cruisers must be commuter-capable. I have never been able to afford a dedicated trail rig, trailer, tow rig, etc.
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Old 09-22-2005, 03:50 PM
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Default Bds

I like my BDS springs as well. Good place to get them is here:

Talk to Charlie Rupp and tell him you're from Rising Sun.
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Originally Posted by nakman
the club voted to not tell Matt Farr what happened at the meeting.
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Old 09-22-2005, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Hulk
I like my BDS springs as well. Good place to get them is here:

Talk to Charlie Rupp and tell him you're from Rising Sun.
Actually, call him Papa Smirf and he'll know you know me! Charlie is an awesome person and a great friend!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Cruisers are superior
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