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Old 06-23-2010, 03:59 AM
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I made it to Tok in one piece but I am thinking I have bad gas. The other kind, cause the 80 is running good at idle but when pulling a load it is having a hiccup periodically. No signs of trouble yet and I feel confident I could turn around and do the 3300 miles back but am monitoring it closely.

The trip is phenomenal and words can't describe it. Especially the last 6-700 miles on the Alaskan Highway. It is a mess you can't describe but beautiful non the less. I will get pictures up soon of my travels here but my HD video is causing me problems loading it up on FaceBook. Bummer. I am learning how to convert HD back down to get it up. If that is my biggest challenge then I am blessed. Thanks for all the well wishes and plan to be bored of my photos when I finally get them coming.
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