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Old 01-14-2013, 10:27 AM
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Oh, also check your firewall. Aggressive firewalls can affect your throughput.

When I turn off my router and computer firewalls.

With my router's default firewall settings and the default OS X firewall turned on, which seem to try to be very secure. At this setting basically nothing works without me going through 64K ports and allowing a whole lot of exceptions.

Here's with my configured settings for the router and the computer firewalls. These are still fairly aggressive (e.g. the slightly higher pings, some packets are being blocked). I don't have fancy stuff like PS3s and VoIP to deal with, so I disable most NAT ALGs to just allow typical Internet surfing and Skype and tell the firewalls to ignore unsolicited traffic or malformed packets.

What you want to see if that you are not dropping tons of packets. Even single digit percent dropped indicates something is blocking wrong or your connection is exceptionally poor (high line speed does not always indicate a solid ISP connection). What makes the biggest difference in performance seems to be the port scanning configuration and packet flooding thresholds.

The router firewall would affect all devices, so if it's just the Blu-Ray that has issues then there's some bug in it probably. I've never been super impressed with Blu-Ray players and their network streaming ability. We got the Roku box and it's head-and-shoulders better for the task. I even hacked it to stream and surf media content from the NAS we have, open source Linux is cool. :-)
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