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They did not have much to say, other than they are submitting for another grant to pay for everything that the last grant did not pay for...and they may need help in Aug/Sept when the open the new part of the trail and close the other part...she will let us know the dates.
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Default Rising Sun representative needed at this weeks BRD meeting!

Title says it all! None of us that usually go to the BRD meeting are able to this week! Someone (can be more than one) needs to step up and represent. I promise it will be interesting and possibly habit forming! If you can go please check in with Marco to get any updates he needs to share. Here is the agenda....
Date: Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 8:12 AM
Subject: BRDOHV: OHV Meeting Agenda for 7/13
To: "boulderRD_OHV@googlegroups.com" <boulderRD_OHV@googlegroups.com>
Cc: Megan Devich <megan.devich@icloud.com>, offroading subarus of colorado <subarulegacyforest@gmail.com>

As planned we will have our normal monthly OHV meeting at 5:00pm at the Boulder Ranger District Office (2140 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80301). See you there!

Next meeting August 10th?

Updates are highlighted in Green.


Magnolia Non-Motorized Trails we kicked off the public implementation meeting last Friday. Of the 140 that RSVPd, 50 came. We had exercises for everyone to determine the priorities and needs when determining how to move forward with the project. We are sorting through the data and plan to have the results of the meeting out soon.

No new updates regarding Lefthand.

Lefthand Motorized Roads and Trails Project (what we all call Lefthand OHV has been entered into the SOPA (I have an inquiry out as to why its not showing up Ill let you know when I know whats going on): http://www.fs.fed.us/sopa/state-level.php?co. Our plan is to have a proposed action out to the public by summer.


No new updates but I know Jon is working on it.

Chainsaw Training No tangible updates, though I am working with our Fire program to get a class for employees and a few volunteers. I will prioritize my employees first, but we are looking at how to include a volunteer program. Right now its still pretty complicated, so allow me some time to work through this. It may not be viable for us to do in 2017.

Adopt-A-Trail Project Specifics most quantities are estimates and need additional verification.

Bunce (June 10/11th)

Removed a lot of trees from the 202 and 203 roads

Opened gate

Park Creek: (Date TBD? with ATV O&G)

Block historic uphill route on the corner next to big tree. Goes to top of hill. 40 feet of fence

Fencing for braided sections, many locations 200 feet of fence, signage

Camping area fence, restoration work, signs. 80 feet of fence, signage

End of 202.C two sections fence blocking illegal extension of 4WD which turns to ATV trail. 60 feet of fence, signage

End of 201.1 needs some blocking 60 feet of fence, signage

Caribou: (NORAC July 8/9 & Sept. 17)

Both portions of the 505 roads will remain closed until further notice!

o There is a huge boulder 4x4x4 that is blocking the road.

o The northern 505 will remain closed because it is very easy for vehicles to access the southern 505 road from the northern 505 road.

Repair sections of fence (Northern most campsites) - ??? feet of fence

Replace all campsite markers 11 campsites carsonite

Kariann has a few others.

MSV/Coney: (TRR June 24/25, Another Date TBD?)

Review this project weekend, discussed what happened and what remains to be done.

Coney Dry lake bed 200 fence building (stump and rail)

o Hole log across short stumps fence, some material delivered to site.

o Stay the Trail was willing to possibly donate materials

MSV mud hole bypass bridge plank replacement

o Most materials delivered to site.

o 24 wide, 7 sections 8 long, 2 sections of 29.5 long steps at ends

o 2 logs 8 long and 2 16 logs native local material.

MSV first obstacle replacement huge sign 4WD high clearance only

o Signs out for bid.

Replace wood traffic control posts around host building

Unauthorized route blockage (Matt has GPS pins)

MSV/Coney will be closing early and TRR will help close it down for the season early.

Miller Rock: (TRR date TBD?)

Obstacle repair south of St. Vrain Creek, rock outcrop

o Engineering has made some recommendations using gabion baskets.

Basket purchases awaiting formal quote from vendor.

o We will need to rent a small jackhammer for minor rock work.

Gordon Gulch

Illegal route blocking and restoration activities (i.e. willow plantings) have started and will continue throughout the summer.

Public Lands Day activities?

Walker Mountain: (TRR June 17)

Admin survey/minor maintenance event

Looked at the 372.G road

Drove the 509.1A and found that the road is gone just before the private section for a few hundred yards.

Overall the road network was intact and functional.

Recorded a lot of illegal motorcycle use of the closed area, encountered one rider.

Kingston/Mammoth: (NORAC August 5/6 & Sept. 24)

Coordinate with Scott Makey from Rising Sun (CCRD side of Mammouth)

Fence repair work just west of the gate on James Peak road 80 feet of fence

Engineering field trip to look at road through Meadow with challenge and bypass date TBD with acting Engineer.

o Restored to pre-flood condition? Would require heavy equipment.

o Temporary fixes/maintenance with hand tools, etc.

Jenny Creek/Rollins Pass: (Rising Sun Aug. 12/13)

Concrete barriers moved back into place

Buck-n-rail where needed, common bypasses.

Kevin Erlich snow drift was still sizeable as of June 16th.

Will need to assess the mud-bog area between Jenny and Rollins road.

Other News:

Mile High Jeep Club Patrol (Megan Devich) adopting Rock Creek.

Jared and Megan D. met on 7/10 to go over the districts adoption process.

Off-Roading Subarus of Colorado Looking to adopt Switz Trail from North of Gold Hill Rd. south to Sugarloaf Mtn. TH.

Backbone Adopting Park and Cave creek roads 202 and 203, possibly more in Bunce area.
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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Cruisers are superior
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Thanks for posting UB. If anybody can make this that'd be pretty swell
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Old 07-13-2017, 10:32 AM
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they picked the one night probably this whole year that there is a mandatory work function I have to go to tonight.

is there a schedule posted anywhere where the various district meeting dates and times are posted ahead of time? Might be easier for people to put time into their schedules.
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I'm headed up there. This is my first time, any pointers? I figured I would take notes and post them here.
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Originally Posted by simps80 View Post
they picked the one night probably this whole year that there is a mandatory work function I have to go to tonight.

is there a schedule posted anywhere where the various district meeting dates and times are posted ahead of time? Might be easier for people to put time into their schedules.
state association website has a great calendar, but to see everything you have to be a member
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