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Old 11-22-2013, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Isaac already mentioned that it's a non-interference motor but I was more wondering if the engine happened to maybe have any head gasket work or something. A broken rod is unheard-of even for supercharged 5VZs and crazy for a stock engine. Maybe it threw a rod and something was lost in translation. That can happen (right Ige?).

The best way I can think to break a rod is to get oil, coolant or water in the combustion chamber. Maybe HG? Is it running Toyota red coolant or does it have something else? I have a theory that Toyota coolant reduces HG erosion but worse is mixing coolants.

I would go with a decent used engine instead of just replacing the rod in situ. That worked in the 2F but modern engines are such close tolerances and designed with a lot less margin. When the rod broke who knows how badly the crank or cylinder walls were damaged. At least my luck wouldn't be in favor of tempting Murphy.

Well, the SC adds a bit of a twist, but yeah, a stocker shouldn't have have had anything. People do bend rods in SC'd trucks because the SC gives the engine enough low end grunt that you can practically start the thing in 5th gear on a hill. The rods are the weak link and will bend if you don't run in a low enough gear.

I think we have to keep in mind that the reliability of Toyota's is because of the sheer number of cars out there they make that run and run and run forever with little to no problems. But, the law of large numbers says that they'll still have a few that are total junk boxes.

If the rod actually snapped, I'd guess it was just a casting flaw and it finally gave out.

Dave's idea about the HG is a good one. It doesn't have to even get oil or coolant in there. I rebuilt the top end of a 3.0, which did the engine wonders....until the increased compression caused the thing to throw a rod and it died a noisy death on the side of the road.

HOWEVER, I doubt that in this case. The 3.0 had nearly 300k on it. The compression was WAY low and the thing blew a head gasket. This engine sounds too young for that to happen.

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