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Old 02-21-2007, 06:32 PM
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Yes, yes, yes. BVB's response, in addition to yours, Tim, seem most logical as I didn't notice any similar symptoms with the CC inactive and I just checked and the power button was not engaged. Now I need another road trip to prove them out. Hell, I just need another road trip!! I did overrride the CC after it became obvious that 10-30 seconds of being in the lower gear when not necessary became too much of a pain to tolerate. Now that I know the CC overhang is a common thing I will manually adjust accordingly. I did read the owner's manual enough to be aware the OD was temp sensitive. Suzie gave me an early B-day present of an 80 FSM so I will soon know more which may be a good thing.
Thanks for all of the input and I'm sure there will be further questions.

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
BVB is all-knowing..

You either need to tap the throttle at the top, or turn off the cruise control at the bottom of the hill, otherwise it'll hang in 3rd. Power button will make it worse, since the shift point is higher, but it's not the power button. Ever notice that you can't shift into OD when the truck is cold? Yes, your transmission has a brain too..

edit: IOW, it's a feature, not a defect.

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Old 02-21-2007, 10:08 PM
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Boy Steve you and Suzie sure have earned the 80 all right. But it is interesting how the learning curve starts all over again. It is fun to learn more. And now more shelf space for another FSM.
Ford consul specifications

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