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Old 11-17-2017, 08:24 AM
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It is true that they check for the smog pump. They haven't checked for EGR whenever I've been tested even though it is part of the factory setup.

Part of the Air Injection System (AIS) is the Air Bypass Valve (ABV) which when open, vents the air to atmosphere instead of into the exhaust ports in the head. The check valve on the front of the air injection rail keeps exhaust from flowing back into the system, although it will corrode eventually if it never has forward flowing air over it.

Of course the EGR system also has a valve, which simply blocks the exhaust from going back into the intake under the carb.

If you kept the ABV valve open all the time and the EGR valve closed all the time, you could have those components present and make them appear to be functioning when in fact they were not functioning.

Note also that the techs they employ aren't particularly bright. One time when I was having my 60 tested they looked under the hood - on the passenger side, saw my AC compressor and checked me off for smog pump!

FWIW Jim C. sells a kit for about $60 that includes an idler pulley and bracket to go where the smog pump goes, along with caps for the threaded ports in the head and one for the exhaust at the inlet for the EGR. It's for a 60 application but would probably work on a 40.
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Old 11-17-2017, 11:00 AM
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Great info, Jeff.

although it will corrode eventually if it never has forward flowing air over it.

I have seen this in the past. My EGR is already blocked off (with all equipment still in place), so that part is taken care of. If I come up with something clever for the AIR system, I'll post it.
Steve H. - KE0KNH
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