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Old 07-22-2012, 10:15 AM
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Default Croatia (Rovinj) on two wheels

After spending most of the last week or so walking my feet off in Venice and the Dolomites (Pinzolo), I finally rented some wheels. The wheels came in the form of a 50cc Piaggio scooter. Not exactly a KTM but still a lot of fun.

We started out with 4 scooters, My wife, myself, my daughter and her friend. My wife promptly dropped her scooter on the first turn leaving the rental shop. Not much damage but her ankle is a bit swollen. We then took her bike back and she rode 2 up on the back of my bike. This was actually good because she decided she likes riding on the back of a bike, which may play a role in a future purchase decision.

We explored some roads south of Rovinj and then turned to the North. I'll post some pix later. Most of the paved roads had significant traffic so we sought out some rural roads. We found some out of the way paved roads with little traffic so the girls could work on the scooter skills. I was hesitant to go on gravel because both of the girls had almost no experience on it. Eventually the asphalt ended and we were on gravel. We took it slow and no one crashed. We motored around for a while and them looked for a place to have a picnic. There are a bunch campgrounds in the area along the coast. We finally stopped at one to park the bikes and find a nice lunch spot.

As we were walking toward the entry gate, I noticed a naked guy walking along the path. I joked that we may need to ditch our clothes to enter the campground. It was then that we figured out the signs, (written in Croatian). "Natural" means natural, and the picture of a bikini with a slash through it means, no swim suits allowed. The group of people near the swimming pool confirmed our conclusion. We all broke out laughing and turned to head back to the bikes. There are plenty of people here that I wouldn't mind seeing naked, unfortunately the ones who are naked, I don't want to see.

We also saw several signs for bars that pitched "swingers clubs". Hmm, I haven't seen that in Colorado.

We rode a while longer and found a nice sea side place to break out the bread, cheese and prochietto and were able to keep our clothes on, much to my daughter's relief.

We found some geat back roads that weaved through vinyards and olive groves. The roads were gravel but as long as we kept the speed down, all was good.

I did finally notice that the gas gauge was on empty. We stopped to consult the GPS. We weren't too far from a near by town but you really don't know how much reserve a scooter has until it stops running. When faced with a family on scooters nearly out of gas in an unknown place, there is only one thing to do, act confident and keep riding.

We made it to a gas station without a problem. Everyone was had fun and were getting a bit tired after a day of motoring on gravel roads. We decided to turn in the scooters and seek out some liquid libations.

Did I mention how much my 17yo daughter and friend enjoy being able to order beer at the streetside cafe?

We are in a town that got it's start around 1300. The church on the hill was built around 1500. There aren't many Americans here. We hear a bit of English spoken but I think it's mostly Australian or British. I still trying to hear the difference between Croatian and Russian. I think the area is popular with Russian tourists but i don't know. We have one more day to hang out and enjoy the beach before heading back to Venice to fly home.
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Old 07-22-2012, 06:18 PM
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need some pictures.
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Old 07-22-2012, 06:32 PM
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Awesome. I bet you were anxious to join the nudists - too bad you had 3 women cramping your adventurous spirit...
- Matt
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