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Old 01-18-2018, 05:47 PM
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Default Steamboat Area Mad Rabbit Trail proposal - Opportunty for comment

The following is an e-mail from the CO4x4 RnR group about a land use planning process in an area many of us can provide valuable input (also viewable at: http://co4x4rnr.clubexpress.com/cont...898355832&ht=0)

Prompt Action Needed
Steamboat Area Mad Rabbit Trail proposal needs our opposition. The biggest concern is the lack of inclusion of the Motorized Community and severely limits its use in the area when we as the motorized community are a driving force to many local economies and this should be no exception.
While the area in question is not one that many of us frequent, it is IMPORTANT that we as an OHV Community do not allow any thing like to slip by. Currently in the Mad Rabbit Trails Project there is a proposal with two alternatives, one of which does not do anything for the Motorized Recreation Community and the other while minimal is a step in the right direction, but also has issues of its own.
This round of Comments on this issue are preliminary and a Formal Final Public Comment Period will take place this summer most likely, it is IMPORTANT that the OHV Community get involved early. We as a community have the tendency to wait until the last minute and fail to provide adequate support in issues such as these.
While I would LOVE to write a form letter, that is not possible as generally after the first couple of them they start to get rejected by the system. Comments need to be the individual’s own words to be effective. With that however I will give you a few talking points of information that can be included and help you with submitting your own comment and yes you can include questions in your comments. It makes them consider all the options and concerns with any plan.

Talking Points:
• Alternative B closes the Rabbit Ears pass area to summer motorized while constructing 79 miles of mountain bike only trail- Alternative A only provides 7 miles of multiple use on the Pass. There needs to be a lot more balance in any discussions on the future of Rabbit Ears and the inclusion of the Motorized community.
• The motorized community has committed more than $100,00 per year for maintenance in the Rabbit Ears Recreation area as well as providing $2.3 BILLION in direct expenditures in Colorado during the 2014/2015 Season according the recent Economic Contribution Study done by COHVCO (Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition) so why is the motorized community essentially being ignored?
• With more than 70 miles of Mountain Bike trails already being constructed and the City of Steamboat Springs not receiving any of the Funding from the recently implemented Accommodation Tax 2a even though the majority of the money generated was earmarked for Trail Construction and Maintenance, how do they plan on providing maintenance to these new areas?
• While Alternative A is not the best option for Motorized recreation, Alternative B is completely unacceptable. There needs to be more opportunity for ALL Types of recreation on Public Lands including that for the Motorized Community.
• In both Alternative Plans there seems to be significant areas that they expect to change areas of Forest Service Planning Rules that the motorized community has been attempting for decades, but in this case it is to mainly benefit the Mountain Bikes and select other recreation types with the exception of the Motorized Community. With this if allowed will bring great opposition and conflict between user groups.
• The motorized community dedicates 10’s of thousands of volunteer hours annually equating to over a million dollars worth of volunteer hours as well as BILLIONS of dollars in Direct expenditures in the State of Colorado annually and will not be ignored in any expansion, creation or closure of any Recreation Opportunity.

US Forest Service Newsletter regarding Mad Rabbit Area:

Link to Mad Rabbit Trail Project Information Website:

You can email input to:
with “Mad Rabbit Trails Project” in the subject line.

You can also mail input to:

Hahns Peak-Bears Ears Ranger District
Attn: Mad Rabbit Trails Project
925 Weiss Drive
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Please note that by submitting input at this time, you will be added to the project mailing list and will receive notices of future comment periods input. Also, input received will be part of the project record, which is subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Reference link:
COHVCO Economic Contribution Study-

Please remember when submitting your comment to keep it clean and free of any profanity as it will be rejected and ignored.
Thank You for Reading

Jim Dixon- CO4x4 RnR Director of Land Use
720-722-1204 ext 2006
Daniel Markofsky - Daniel@Markofsky.com KŘFZJ
Denver, Colorado, TLCA # 9972, http://risingsun4x4club.org/
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Old 01-18-2018, 06:25 PM
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Can someone explain what's at issue here? I don't see that they're proposing to close any existing roads or dispersed camping. I thought most of this area was closed to OHV in the summer anyway or already designated Wilderness or road-less. So I want to make sure I understand.
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