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Old 11-10-2009, 09:01 PM
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Default Another, "What would you pay" thread

Title sums it up. What would you pay for this? No, I'm not looking to sell, I am trying to figure out if I am stupid, or if others see the value in it too? Incidentally if I did bring this in, I would be selling my current HJ47 Troopy...

There are a lot more pics, but this is pretty much all I know:

it is obvious to me that I have underpriced the Landcruiser, as a few of the interested buyers thus far that have actually seen photos I have sent them (and therefore have an idea of what they are getting and its condition) and consequently have offered me more than the price I put on the forum initially in order to get higher in the selection list to buy it. These few also live in Australia but, like yourself, are not close to me either in distance. I'm a bit torn. I'm not interested in ripping anyone off and want to be as honest as possible, but I clearly do not want to give the Landcruiser away for a song. Do you have an idea of what you wanted to spend?
The reason I am selling it is to put the money toward a house deposit.

This Landcruiser is no postcard to look at on the outside. I bought it with my wife to travel and work in northern Australia (in 2001) which we have done and I then used it as a daily driver as sorts to carry my tools around when on jobs (I'm a sculptor and often work on location to complete works and commissions). My wife didn't like driving it much and so I bought a Hilux hard top ute to replace it 2 and a half years back and as a result I/we haven't used the Cruiser much since. I let the registration run out and have just turned it over every now and then to keep it alive and going.

Do you realise it is a soft top? It is a 4 speed manual. The army in Australia apparently didn't use the 5spd as it wasn't as reliable, and the 4spd is known to be bomb proof.
The 5th gear in the 5spd was just an overdrive really anyway. When we had it, it cruised at 100km/hr with no dramas, but as with all HJ's they can drift a bit, especially on ****ty roads or a heavy gusty breeze. No aircon or you could just roll all the sides up. Although the guy I bought it off fitted the aircon air compressor under the bonnet and had it with an air line down to the rear of the vehicle so you could plug in a line to pump up tyres and or put an air gun into. I have pumped tyres from it but that was a long time ago - but it worked well then. It has 215,000 kms on it. I changed the oil religiously every 5000kms on it (Penrite HPR) and changed the oil and fuel filter every 5000kms too. I increased the regularity if used in heavy dusty conditions. I had the valve clearances checked every 20,000kms and the air filter changed every 10,000kms unless severe conditions (ie...bull dust etc...). No power steering - Another thing the army left off - just another thing to break. Steering heavy if low air in tyres otherwise it isn't too bad however the shopping centre car park is a heavy one.

The good:
Engine strong and smooth - not smokey at all (blue - oil or black - fuel) - clean innards.
Driveline, including gearbox, diffs, transfer case and swivel hubs all good and strong.
Brakes seem fine - I gave a quick 2km burst today and they seemed fine.
Steering good although it drifts a bit but I have had 3x HJ's and they have all done it - It is not terrible though.
Swivel hubs and wheel bearings seem fine, but could probably do with a regrease only 'cos it has sat for a fair while
Exhaust fine - final tail pipe has surface rust
No oil Leaks at all that I can see - there is a slight weep from the rocker cover but that is recent from when I took it off to check the valve clearances.
Injector pump and lift pump seems fine. Idles clean and smooth and not a bit of smoke from the exhaust at all! This is not surprising as I had the injectors redone at great expense not long before I replaced this vehicle with my current one.
Shock absorbers (heavy duty Pedders 4WD units). This was another thing I had just replaced at great expense before I stopped using the vehicle.
the front leaf spring packs are fine and the rear are heavy duty and seem fine. I didn't have any problems when carrying a load on or off road.
Full length Roof Rack with rear (not side) ladder
Snorkel (after market unit)
Original army issue 'black out - anti aircraft lights' 1x on front and 2x on rear - not wired in. Switch for this on the dash
2x Hella spot lights - not working - lights fine must be wiring issue
Headlights upgraded to H4 100watt high beam
2 permanent army issue jerry can holders
2 detachable army jerry can holders
220litre fuel carrying capacity! 3 fuel tanks (wired in with isolator switch between front and rear 2 tanks) all fitted to underside of vehicle.
dash console tray for carrying extra bits home made but very useful
passenger door map pocket (made by last owner) huge size - holds 2 bloody phone books!
I have a few spare wheels with average cond tyres on them.
2 side opening cabinets fitted by the (??) army I think in order to carry radio comm batts and the like - good spot for fitment of auxillary battery to run a fridge - at least that's what we did.
Genuine Army Bull Bar - Known as the 'steak cutter' here in Oz 'cos if you hit a cow or kangaroo at speed the bull bar design would cut the animal into steaks for you!Dinner ready prepared - light a fire heat shovel blade and cook steak! Some bad Aussie humor for you!
Roll Cage - handy thing to have - has surface rust from weather exposure.
Bonnet mounted wheel carrier - although it makes the bonnet heavy
Still has military ID plate mounted on dash - about 8x7cm big and still has air lift sling mounts on front and rear of vehicle

The Bad
The seats are stuffed - had it. Toyota seats were always real average too.
The body is quite rough. Check the photos.
The side sections are fine all the way down on both sides
The door skins are okay.
The lower rear floor has superficial surface rust but is not bad at all
The upper rear floor (where the troopcarrier side seats locate) is a bit rusted in sections (these areas are all flat pieces so make an easier and cheaper repair
Back right hand bottom corner has had a knock and the repair has rusted through.(see photo)
the foot well on the passenger side has bubbling at the seat box meeting the floor curve (see photos)
the same on the driver side with a hole the size of your little finger nail
the windscreen surround has rust spots of varying degrees in it (see photos)
the front facia under the grill is rusted - this is a very common cruiser spot to go and a cheap fibre glass panel replacement is available
The canvas canopy is stuffed - it is complete and working but leaks in the rain and the canvas is brittle. Some of the interior divider curtain canvas inside (added by previous owner is rolled up and is like new in there)
No head lights or tail lights - Head lights worked when I last drove it regularly but the tail lights were playing up a bit.
No indicators but the hazard indicators work??? Can't work it out but they all worked when I last drove it regularly so I reckon they will be simple fixes
I reckon the wiring could do with a birthday just to clean it up.
Noisy inside as everything flaps and jingles and rattles - you certainly know you are alive! I love it, canvas sides rolled up in the sun out in the bush camping
Starter Motor tired - having it sit around for a while hasn't helped.
No Battery though if interested person makes the right offer I would buy one for it.
The EDIC control motor has gone the same way as the starter motor - I have disconnected it and it starts fine but needs to be stalled to stop it (the motor) or the EDIC control manually pushed under the bonnet by hand to kill the engine. In Oz you can get these reconditioned change over for about $300 I think(?)
Thomas PTO Winch needs a looking at. I used it once ( I stupidly got cross axled and was on my own - it was hard to release but once released was fine - but it hasn't been used for nearly 4 years so could do with an overhaul. The Thomas still fetches $500-$600 Australian here in Average condition. They run off the gear box and pull like a spring bull! They have an amazing reputation but need to be maintained.

I can't think of anything else, although I'm sure there is more to say. Oh... the chassis - It is fine. Surface rust has popped up since I have parked and not used it. The rust was not there before hand as I remember it being almost polished shiny from driving in the long summer grass at my uncles farm when we were doing some fencing work a few years ago now, but I really think that it is structurally sound. If you end up removing the body it would pay to give it a wire brush back and re waxoyl it and a coat of black to make it look nice but I wouldn't worry unless you plan on using it heaps on salted winter roads.

In Australia you can virtually buy whole HJ bodies in FRP Fibre resin now and they are stone crack proof and as stiff as steel - or so I have been told by a bloke I met with one In Cape York. It certainly looked like new and he said it wasn't that expensive. I'm sure you will be able to get one in the states - I reckon I've seen websites in the US with this stuff
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Old 11-11-2009, 09:59 AM
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2500-3k maybe

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I really don't see all that much
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Old 11-11-2009, 11:09 AM
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It was an unobtanium factor, doesn't it? That's kind of a multiplier. You might be able to get $4500-5000 for it from someone who really wanted one.
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Originally Posted by nakman
the club voted to not tell Matt Farr what happened at the meeting.
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Old 11-11-2009, 11:31 AM
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I'm confused. You are looking to buy this and import from Australia into the USA? Or this is yours and you're looking to sell it in Australia? Or...???

If this was here, in the USA and titled, ready to drive, I would say it's a $5000 rig just because it's a troopy and hard to find here. But if you have to pay to import it? probably not worth the cost since it's pretty beat and far from original.

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Old 11-11-2009, 11:48 AM
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Thanks guys. The truck is in Australia & I am thinking of buying it and importing it here.
It actually is in almost original spec believe it or not. It is an ex Norforce truck. The australian army bought 215 of them in 83-84 and had them built like this from Toyota. They were created for long patrol missions & such & are actually one of the rarest Troopies out there. But like you guys have said, it's in fairly rough shape.
The reason I asked is that originally it was posted for 4200aud bit now he is getting offers from collectors, so he has basically said to me "what are you willing to spend?"
I know that a lot of that has to do with how much I might want it, but I don't want to pay twice it's estimated value either. I just figured you guys would have as informed an idea as any else possibly could...
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Old 11-11-2009, 04:20 PM
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If you already have a troopie like I believe your first post said, I would just keep that and pass on this deal, like Martin said the cost to get it here, at least in my opinion and for what I would want in a troopie, far outweighs the benefits of ownership of that particular truck.
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Old 11-13-2009, 11:51 AM
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The cool factor for me is very high. The reality of what it is for what it should cost puts in the 3k and under catagory.
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Old 11-15-2009, 09:39 PM
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just say no.
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