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Old 04-19-2017, 09:26 PM
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Default Wireless HDMI advice?

I know some of you are into this stuff, and I'm looking for some advice:

We need to put a TV in a room of my in-laws' house that doesn't currently have one, but is in a spot that is right above where a TV is on the floor below.

The installer wants $1000 (this is on Long Island...) to move an electrical outlet and install an Iomega wireless HDMI device. Nothing in his quote mentions another set top box (STB) from the cable company.

1) Do these wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver pairs work well?

2) How is it possible to add a TV with one of these without adding another STB? Maybe this is trivial, or maybe I'm just old, but I'd add a TV by figuring out how the wiring works and the logical place to put a splitter, run a wire the new location, and add an STB. Is that not the way this is done anymore?


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