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Old 05-02-2010, 08:59 PM
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Default Front Seat Dimensions

If anybody feels like wasting 5 minutes of their lives, could you please take the length and width dimension of the seat (bottom) of your Toyota front seat?... if you have maybe a Sequoia, Tundra, post 02 4runner, Landcruiser, or any other model that might fit in an 96 4runner.

I have freakishly long legs and get no support under my hamstrings. I think mine measured 22" long from the seat back to seat front. 24"-26" I think would be ideal. I measured a set over at Yoda Jim's from what I think was a 2003 Tundra. They were wider, but same length.

I fabbed up some extensions for my seat rails so I could move the driver seat back an extra 3"-4" and it helped a lot, but on long trips, my current seats still don't cut it. Now that I am once again employed, my summer project I think, is gonna be to try and find a better seat, figure out how to mount it, and install seat heaters.

First though, I gotta get these frickin' headers in that I have been luggin' around for almost 18 months. Anyone want to rent some garage space for a weekend? Maybe when I'm ready, I should post that under a separate thread.

Thanks in advance,
1996 4runner Limited, retrofitted E-locker, manual hubs, front King Coilover 2" lift, rear Landcruiser 3" lift, drop panhard bracket, 2000 4runner center console/e-brake conversion, K&N air intake, throttle body spacer, OBX headers.

Stay classy Colorado!
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